A Little Girl Creates Curtains Made of Plastic To Hug Her Grandparents Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemics have changed the style of living. With all the people being concerned about getting infected with the virus, they are practicing social distancing and avoiding physical contact even with the loved-ones. People are trying something new to stay in touch with their loved ones. Amidst all this, a young girl is winning lots of hearts with the invention of plastic curtains so that she can hug her grandparents while avoiding physical contact.


We are talking about a 10 years old girl Paige from California. The girl made a “hug curtains” with plastic and some disposable plates, she has also used zip lock bags and tape. The girl even added arms in the curtain so that she and her grandparents can put their arms and hold each other. The little girl covered the entire door with the curtain and called her grandparents to the door to get a quick hug. This entire arrangement is the most beautiful thing you’ll see on the internet.

This invention of little munchkins has gone viral on all social media platforms, as people can’t stop praising the innovation and thoughtfulness of the little one. Everyone can’t get enough of the girl and her love for her grandparents. The video and pictures clearly show that she did an excellent job of following the social distancing norms in order to avoid infection of the virus.


Her mother took to Facebook to share her daughter’s idea. Maintaining social distancing is getting harder and harder, as some people are breaking down as they can’t touch or hug their loved ones. However, this little girl did show the way with her innovative and practical invention.


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