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Best advice to find the right gift

Usually,  people waiting for a reason, event or occasion to show how they care  and love friends, family and even themselves. And especially at...
Arbaz Mallick

Social media magnate Arbaz Mallick acing the brand posts

You may have heard the term “social media influencer” being thrown around a lot lately, especially in the digital marketing circles. Social media influencers...

Dutch Govt Advises Singles To Find S3x Buddies During The Lockdown

Every government is announcing several guidelines to control the spread of highly contagious coronavirus. The Dutch government has announced guidelines that will certainly blow...
Giuliana Infantolino

Music Offers a Look Into People’s Souls per Giuliana Infantolino

When Giuliana Infantolino, with her evolved sense of music and philosophical bent of mind, says that she genuinely believes music to be a universal...
Jaiden Vu

Jaiden Vu: 3 Reasons Why Music Is Inseparable from Human Existence

What is the one thing you would find most difficult to give up? Music is a sure answer for many, since it’s a form...