Gravity does not exist at these 5 spots

As per Newton’s law of gravity, every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force. That is exactly how we are all attached to Earth. However, there seem to be few places where this law does not apply. Can it be true? Read along to find out.

These are the 5 spots on Earth where gravity does not exist

  • Saint Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA
    Back in the 1950s, few surveyors were exploring this area. To their surprise, when they reached this spot that extends to about 300 feet in diameter, all their equipments failed to work. Hence, this mystery spot was discovered.

It is sheer fun to watch how these optically illusional effects rolls objects up, make to balance on a wall. Two people can also exchange heights.

  • Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California
    Expanding in an area of just 150 feet in diameter, this spot is located in the forests outside Santa Cruz. All the objects here appear to be rolling upwards and people seem to be walking in a tilted fashion. A great number of people keep returning to this spot to experience the weird sensation.

Again an optical illusion, but certainly never fails to impress.

  • Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA
    An amazing experience that can be carried out to see how the water flows upwards of dropped down from the bottle can be witnessed at the Hoover Dam. This phenomenon exists due to the uber updraft created by the damn’s structure. It is in-fact the wind that carries the water upwards.
  • Magnetic Hill, Leh Ladakh, India
    Can you imagine how a hill can pull cars uphill? Well, the magnetic properties of this hill located on the Leh-Kargil-Baltik national highway can just do that! It is also said that the airplanes have to increase to altitude while passing over from this hill. It is a belief of many that this is an optical illusion curated by the hill’s layout that makes the road going upward.
  • Waterfall, Faroe Islands
    Have you ever seen a waterfall going upwards? Well, Faroe Islands located in the Atlantic ocean have such waterfalls. Don’t be surprised because this is not just one of its kind. There are several such waterfalls in the world. And this phenomenon occurs by the powerful wind.

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