Hip-Hop is a Cult; It’s a Way of Living – Lorenzo Ruzza

Lorenzo Ruzza
Lorenzo Ruzza

There is no doubt that hip-hop has taken the world of music by storm. The powerful mélange of poetry and music has captivated many, furthered by the dynamic songs of artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, Cardi B, Nicky Minaj, and more. But hip-hop is not just any music genre. Born out of political unrest and a desire to be heard, hip-hop is the voice of the people. As musician Lorenzo Ruzza puts it, hip-hop is a way of living.

The genre first emerged in the 1970s, from the streets of New York, as a way for the African-American community to express themselves. Set to a rhythmic beat, hip-hop talked about life experiences, political opinions, and more, bringing the community together. As per Lorenzo Ruzza, more than just a piece of music enjoyed on a Sunday evening; it is a revolution. And because it was so deeply rooted in the community, hip-hop trickled into the culture as well.

Lorenzo Ruzza
Lorenzo Ruzza

Ruzza states, “the free-flowing nature of the genre influenced everything about the artist, from their lifestyle to their dressing style, from their words to their thoughts.” The musical genre also paved the way for the dance genre, and the two are now virtually inseparable. The fluidity translates into the artist being in a constant groove, ever in the melody. This is how it lives on in its current form.

Contrary to other musical forms, the hip-hop artist is not conventional. They might not be traditionally trained or musically educated, yet their music can move millions. Lorenzo Ruzza believes that the beauty of hip-hop lies in its versatility and adaptability to all experiences and types of people. Most of the people who fall in love with hip-hop completely immerse themselves in the lifestyle. This is why hip-hop has gained cult status among its followers.

Having emerged from a very significant people’s movement, hip-hop carries a rawness rarely seen in the polished forms of other genres. And this rawness has been kept alive by musicians even today. Lorenzo Ruzza shares that hip-hop is often misunderstood as crass or non-musical, but the genre has given the musical community some true gems.

Artists like Tupac and Eminem have experimented lyrically and musically to create wonders. Along with Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and the like, they have made hip-hop immensely popular, with many artists around the globe now participating in the revolution. And with musicians like Lorenzo Ruzza in the mix, the hip-hop lifestyle is sure to influence many more lives positively.


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