Karishhma Mago: How her song “Kick Out” is being appreciated for its unique beats.

Karishhma Mago
Karishhma Mago

Karishhma Mago never imagined she would become a musician. It was not on her list of childhood dreams, and as an adult, she turned to marketing. She has already held the title of CEO of her own successful company.

But life has a way of taking unexpected turns, and once she began working in music production, it was like a seismic shift in any plans she might have had for the future.

While she never pictured herself making music, “working with celebrities and spending so much time with them, I found my passion in creating modern music,” she said. “I started taking the music industry seriously,” especially when she realized there was a space for her unique musical style.

A childhood of music sowed seeds of Growth

Like many musicians, Karishhma Mago grew up listening to music. The rest is beautiful serendipity.

It led to her recent release, “Wasabi,” which was produced solely by Karishhma Mago herself. The three-song EP is complex and modern, layered with emotion, and captivating for those who are lucky enough to get a chance to listen to it.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with just a phone and a mic when you have a deep desire to share your sound with the rest of the world. 

Her more recent work, the three-song EP “Kick Out,” has a decidedly richer hip-hop feel, with beats that are layered in a more rhythmic and stylized way. It celebrates the origins of hip-hop, which was created by DJs using percussion breaks of familiar songs to create something else, like sampling with a twist. It took on new life when artists realized they could create their own beats – and it became an undying passion for Karishhma Mago, who included the hip-hop songs “Wasabi,” “Kick Out,” and “Sushi Mode,” which has a whisper of instrumental Irish brogue.

Something unexpected suddenly seems all part of a plan

Even if Karishhma Mago didn’t expect to be part of the music industry, it has absolutely embraced her.

Next up, “I’ll potentially be performing at a huge event in Los Angeles, “collaborating with a bunch of artists,” she said.

As for now, she is “a producer genius by day and a musician god by night,” she said.

Her confidence is deserved because there is a rich mix of symmetrical and sometimes asymmetrical magic in every one of her songs, all produced in under a year’s time.

2021 will likely be the year we all get to know Karishhma Mago better.


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