Nurse Shares Disturbing Pictures of People Who Did “DIY Chemical Peel” At Home In Quarantine

With the entire world coming to a standstill owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic, people are doing various things while staying in Quarantine. One of the most dangerous things some of them are doing is that doing some chemical peel treatments by themselves. In the last few weeks, several people are doing such treatments with very bad results.

A 35 years old nurse Zoe Gazola working at a clinic in NYC with more than 12 years of experience in the field of skincare has been sharing some of the horrifying results on her Insta in order to create awareness among people not to try such treatments at home.

Gazola told a leading publication BuzzFeed that the incidents of people trying do-it-yourself medical treatments have increased a lot especially when people are quarantine. She has received lots of requests from women asking her advice after they had bad reactions to the product they bought online on Amazon and other online retailers. The women who underwent such treatments are suffering from a third-degree burn.

The nurse uses her social media account to promote her cosmetic services. However, she also receives messages from people who have tried the risky treatments at home after they watched a video on YouTube or some unverified Facebook tutorials. Due to their self-treatment, they require serious medical attention.

In pictures, you can see the after-effects of people who try DIY treatments like peels and injectables. Gazola secretly joined a closed Facebook group that encourages women to DIY with a pseudo name in order to monitor their controversial activities. At-home treatments are not new, but this has increased many folds in recent weeks. She has also seen a surge in some experimenting and unprofessional advice in this group.  Some of them are also trying to handle their complication by themselves rather than seeking professional help.

Talking about the image she posted on Insta, Gazola said, “She had done an at-home 35% TCA peel. Thirty-five percent is extremely high and it’s dangerous. It could only be done by a doctor or nurse,” She further added that use of anything over 30% should be administered by the professional. She noticed that the burns are a result of acing being left for far too long.

Nurse Gazola is also concerned about the lack of regulations and how easy it to purchase such products online. She said, “I don’t know if Amazon is aware of these things [and] I’m not sure about their regulations, I think that it’s a big problem. I think a lot of vendors are from out of the country and they sell on Amazon under a different name to bypass certain criteria.”


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