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Dr. Jitendra Yadav is a living epitome of inspiration and motivation

Philanthropists like Dr. Jitendra Yadav are the reason humanity still exists In times when humanity is taking the back seat in this fast pacing society,...
Nadeem Mubarak

Nadeem Mubarak’s “Hasdi Aa” Ruling Hearts Of Everyone

Whenever a person chooses his career which is close to his heart, and he's passionate about it, he faces a lot of brickbats, as...
Alecksandro Rizzo

Alecksandro Rizzo Explains How to Determine If Music Is the Right Path for You

Though we can all listen to and enjoy music, it is not a calling for everyone. Thanks to technology, the world has seen an...
Ankit Sanan

Ankit Sanan is touching new heights with his startup,InkClick

Mr Ankit Sanan is a young blossoming entrepreneur, an academician and EdTech expert. He is prominent for his stupendous startup named as Inkclick, an...
Tory D

Singer Tory D is capturing the music industry with his new album

Designed in a Swiss strange modernist manner, Chandigarh is a beautiful city that homes many multi-talented individuals, the most prominent ones being the artists....