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Jackson Lintz

Jackson Lintz on how music evolved to become the world’s most popular unspoken language

What is the one thing you would find most difficult to give up? Music is a sure answer for many, since it’s a form...
Arbaz Mallick

Social media magnate Arbaz Mallick acing the brand posts

You may have heard the term “social media influencer” being thrown around a lot lately, especially in the digital marketing circles. Social media influencers...
Lorenzo Ruzza

Hip-Hop is a Cult; It’s a Way of Living – Lorenzo Ruzza

There is no doubt that hip-hop has taken the world of music by storm. The powerful mélange of poetry and music has captivated many,...

This American Woman Makes $6000 A Month Selling Pictures of Her Feet

Can this get any weirder? An American woman has a dream job, as she is making thousands without doing anything. The girl we are...
Nafas Hussey

Role of Music in Nafas Hussey’s Life

She has made it huge across the modelling and art niches with her excellence both as a model and a modern contemporary artist. The world...