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Inspiring million of Arabs is Coach Mohammad Al Mahmoodi

His unique methods have made this world a better place to live in for many who have experienced his coaching sessions. There are many situations...
Udit Kumar

Meet India’s one of the youngest Internet Marketer Udit Kumar!

Internet has revolutionised the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hand and depends how we use it. Where...
All K

Talented music artist All K is making the world sway to his tunes.

All his songs exude his excellence in music, thrusting him forward as a sought-after hip-hop and rap artist of the US. The closer we look...
Hemang Shah Photographer

World famous photographer Hemang Shah says it is important to enjoy the process

Photography is not just about capturing the world through lens but it’s more of imagination, vision and seeing through the eyes of your soul...

Meet Mehrnoosh, emerging as one of the finest singers and musical talents

Mehrnoosh says that music has pumped wondrous colours into her so-called boring life where she didn't really know where to go, and which career...