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Pehli Pehli Vaar

“Pehli Pehli Vaar” By Gurman Singh Takkar Ruling Everyones Hearts

When people speak about the growth and progress of certain industries and fields, one wonders what factors could thrust these industries forward for constant...

“No Cap” By Singer Ddat702 is loved by everyone in the World

Singer Ddat702 is a rare gem applying pressure in Dubai . He’s actually a diamond waiting to be polished up. We all have those...
Manuel Sanchez

Music is Free Therapy According to Manuel Sanchez

Ace musician Manuel Sanchez feels that music is nothing less than audio therapy. Music is more than a universal language—it can be a stellar...
Landon Hall

Landon Hall Shares His Learnings from Working with the Industry’s Best

It is not often that you get to meet and work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, but Landon Hall...

DJ Nicky Rizz: 3 Reasons Why Music Is Inseparable from Human Existence

What is the one thing you would find most difficult to give up? Music is a sure answer for many, since it’s a form...