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Parul Uppal

Parul Uppal : An inspiring entrepreneur, Journalist and EdTEch enthusiast

Parul Uppal was born in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India. She is a visionary journalist, News anchor, an ed-tech enthusiast, and Founder of Inkclick. She believes that...

Decor, Accessories and Throw Pillows

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.
Nadeem Mubarak

Nadeem Mubarak’s “Hasdi Aa” Ruling Hearts Of Everyone

Whenever a person chooses his career which is close to his heart, and he's passionate about it, he faces a lot of brickbats, as...
Pehli Pehli Vaar

“Pehli Pehli Vaar” By Gurman Singh Takkar Ruling Everyones Hearts

When people speak about the growth and progress of certain industries and fields, one wonders what factors could thrust these industries forward for constant...
Anthony Hathaway

Anthony Hathaway has restructured music sensibility with his artistry

When we look around, we see in today’s culture, music is an essential part os our lives. Many people like music, but some love...