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Jace Cunnane

Jace Cunnane making it huge in the world of music as a young musical

Jace Cunnane is only an artist, likewise a remarkable blogger, renowned online media personality, and a YouTuber wherein he pushes his admirers at an...
Pehli Pehli Vaar

“Pehli Pehli Vaar” By Gurman Singh Takkar Ruling Everyones Hearts

When people speak about the growth and progress of certain industries and fields, one wonders what factors could thrust these industries forward for constant...
Udit Kumar

Meet India’s one of the youngest Internet Marketer Udit Kumar!

Internet has revolutionised the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hand and depends how we use it. Where...
Scotty Huss

Scotty Huss becomes the talk of the town with his mind boggling music

To elevate music lovers and listeners' experiences in music, I knew I needed to offer something new and that's what I did," says the...
Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa becomes the new talk of the btown

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa, the man of many talents is a young actor, model and has also been doing great in the world of...