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Everything you wanted to know about tattoo in 10 words

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.
Mohammad Zeinali

Mohammad Zeinali: An multi-faceted professional now eying the music industry to explore his potentials

In the recent past, the world has witnessed tremendous loads of developments across diverse sectors and domains. With every niche developing an panache of...

Mohamad Gowani looks unstoppable to make it huge as a young musical artist.

Exuding sheer talent, passion, brilliance, and skill is a complete music artist and singer, Mohamad Gowani.   We have witnessed the changing scenario of each sector,...
Giuliana Infantolino

Music Offers a Look Into People’s Souls per Giuliana Infantolino

When Giuliana Infantolino, with her evolved sense of music and philosophical bent of mind, says that she genuinely believes music to be a universal...
Parul Uppal

Parul Uppal : An inspiring entrepreneur, Journalist and EdTEch enthusiast

Parul Uppal was born in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India. She is a visionary journalist, News anchor, an ed-tech enthusiast, and Founder of Inkclick. She believes that...