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Lorenzo Ruzza

Hip-Hop is a Cult; It’s a Way of Living – Lorenzo Ruzza

There is no doubt that hip-hop has taken the world of music by storm. The powerful mélange of poetry and music has captivated many,...
Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa becomes the new talk of the btown

Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa, the man of many talents is a young actor, model and has also been doing great in the world of...
Udit Kumar

Meet India’s one of the youngest Internet Marketer Udit Kumar!

Internet has revolutionised the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hand and depends how we use it. Where...
Parul Uppal

Parul Uppal : An inspiring entrepreneur, Journalist and EdTEch enthusiast

Parul Uppal was born in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India. She is a visionary journalist, News anchor, an ed-tech enthusiast, and Founder of Inkclick. She believes that...

Trishna’s Castle…much deserving accolades from the fraternity as well as the audiences.

It is said – “You can always edit a bad page but you can never edit a ‘blank page’.” These words are an epitome...