The famous musician of Dubai Nadir Bin Nasir moves his thanks to the highest , earning a huge Instagram follower base.

As an artist, he has consistently learned new skills, sharpened them and improved his musical craft.

Isn’t it sometimes wondrous to find out about people that aim to realize excellence altogether that they prefer to lay their hands on before trying to clinch success? Such individuals, especially youngsters, are rocking most industries and fields of the planet today. More and more industries welcome them to embrace more unique and modern-day ideas to realize faster growth and success. The music field is one that has always opened doors for several such youngsters who have exuded a special level of madness, passion and zealousness for doing something unique within the industry. Serving together of the best samples of such young talents is Nadir Bin Nasir from Dubai, the UAE.


Ask him what drove him towards the planet of music and therefore the passionate artist quickly replies, saying, “To create something different as an artist and serve audiences music they could not have heard anywhere else. to require them onto a world created by me through music and to even drench them into it as music lovers.” Explaining further about what he believes helps artists stand aside from the remainder within the industry, Nadir Bin Nasir says, “True artists are people who remain honest to their work and musical craft. Artists who only attempt to follow the gang might not get nearer their visions, but those who usher in newness on the table with the pure intent to entertain audiences and strike a chord with them go an extended way. this is often what has been helping me also in my journey.”

Nadir Bin Nasir came into the limelight together with his singles like “Leave Me Alone”, “Wajood” from his album “Beginning of Life”, and his other singles like “Cypheric” and ArbFreshh Days”. All his singles stand different from each other and make a singular vibe that compels listeners to concentrate to them more.

Nadir Bin Nasir has become a famous musician in Dubai, the UAE and has even earned a huge follower and fan-base on Instagram. He believes he has connected with people through his music and needs to continue doing that. Do follow him on Instagram @nadir_bin_nasir and hear his tracks on Spotify


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