This Mall Replaces Lift Buttons With Foot Pedals To Stop COVID-19 From Spreading

The COVID-19 has spread all around the globe invoking fear in most people and for all the right reasons. World leaders are taking some major steps including the lockdown to stop the virus from spreading.  However, there are several people who are showing their creativity to find a way to reduce the spread of this highly contagious virus, which has already affected millions of people across the globe.

Now, the Seacon Square shopping mall in Thailand has come up with an excellent idea to replace the buttons of lifts with the foot pedals. This unique idea is great for the people, as it allows them to avoid touching something by hand at the public places. With the nature of this virus, foot pedals also help people maintain social distancing.

Hundreds of people visit a shopping mall daily. If one COVID positive person visits the mall and uses the lift having buttons, the spread of the virus to other people is quite easy. With so many people visiting the mall daily, it could lead to community transfer of the virus, which will make it very dangerous.

Therefore, the shopping mall has done an excellent job by replacing the lift buttons with the foot pedals, as it will contain the spread of the virus. The officials of the shopping mall took to Twitter to share the updates. The tweet reads, “Easy and worry-free! With foot pedals lift at “Seacon Square Srinakarin” Simply use the foot pedal in front of the lift and to select up or down and after that when entering the lift step on the floor you want to go to. Convenient, safe, and no need to touch hands.”


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