William Lee Is Establishing His “Monopoly” in the Music Industry with New Track

William Lee
William Lee

Observers of society contend that the ones who spot good talent are to be admired as much as the talents themselves. Music A&Rs are a special breed of people who seem to have magical tentacles that reach far and wide to bring to the limelight the skills and talents that deserve our attention. These talent-scouts go to great lengths to bring the stars to their shine. Countless artists and celebrities owe their success and fame to them. But how do these A&Rs manage to find such talents and make them shine? William Lee has been in the trade of talent scouting for several years, and as per him, the answer lies in networking. “Networking is to the music A&R what the compass is to the navigator,” he says. Here, William Lee shares three reasons why A&R managers must invest their resources in networking.

Networking is proof of life.

Networking is the best way to keep yourself at the top of the minds of potential producers or budding talents. “In a vast business like talent scouting, it is easy to get lost. But by building a strong network, music A&Rs can secure their business and thereby attract more talents,” says William Lee.

Your network is your identity.

The people with whom you choose to network says a lot about you. “If we do not consciously build a network for ourselves, we might get caught in a dead-end with no contacts, no prospects, no invitation to events, and no reason to get out of bed in the morning,” says William Lee.

You either build your network, or you perish.

“To succeed in a competitive industry, you must eliminate the word alone from your dictionary,” says William Lee. Being a busy talent scout, Bydaway hardly ever gets enough time for himself. He is constantly attending parties, visiting festival venues, and meeting new people. “The best way to build and expand your contacts is through these venues,” he says. But how does William Lee get to attend these fancy, high-profile parties? “Through networking,” he answers. “Without the right kind of network, one can miss out on a lot of potential opportunities.”

Therefore, it is evident that to succeed in the highly competitive ecosystem that is the music industry, it is imperative to build a strong network. However, if this fact had not presented itself to you earlier for some reason, we hope William Lee’s insights have opened your eyes regarding the necessity of networking. 


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